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Executive & Professional Coaching

Coaching is process through which growth-oriented leaders and professionals establish a relationship with a trusted advisor for support, guidance, and challenges to provoke new insights and change thinking and behavior in the service of improving occupational performance. Executive coaching helps leaders and aspiring leaders develop impact and influence in the organizations they serve.

Coaching is in vogue right now. There’s no denying it it’s Trendy with a capital “T.”

Nearly everyone is calling themselves a coach. The field of coaching is entirely unregulated. While some coaches hold various certificates of training, psychologists train in behavioral science for many, many years in graduate school and beyond. As a result, prospective coachees often struggle to know what to look for in a prospective coach.

Receiving coaching from a doctoral-level psychologist, a behavioral scientist and expert in human behavior change, is different. This is what sets apart.

As a psychologist, Dr. Jacob provides evidence-based, customized executive and professional coaching services to executives and professionals in varied disciplines including technology, medicine (i.e., physicians and surgeons, mental and behavioral health providers, other specialty healthcare providers, nurses, support staff, etc.), lawyers, fire departments, nonprofits, and pharmaceutical companies.

His coaching is informed by over 13 years’ experience as a scholar, researcher, and practitioner of the behavioral sciences. Dr. Jacob’s behavioral science research has been published in books including the SAGE Encyclopedia of Theories of Personality in Psychology. Further information about his professional background can be found by visiting his LinkedIn account here:

Dr. Jacob applies this knowledge to his coaching practice to provide coaching interventions that are informed by current, pertinent scholarly research. In his experience, that’s what drives results.

Psychological Safety & Team Building

Psychological safety is a term that refers to the idea that it’s okay to take risks in this workplace, to express concerns and unique ideas, to ask questions, and to admit mistakes, all without the fear of retaliation or negative consequences. 

It’s the freedom to be candid.

Organizational research supports the notion that psychological safety is critical to employee well-being in the workplace.

By inhibiting free dissemination of novel ideas, question-asking, and the admission of mistakes, psychologically unsafe workplaces inhibit employee well-being and business success.

Psychological safety does not simply exist in a dichotomy – this is not an “either-or phenomenon.”

Dr. Jacob leverages his expertise in workplace psychological safety and organizational health to support and guide startups and small and medium size businesses toward increased psychological safety. 

DEIA Consulting

The term “DEIA” is an acronym for “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility”. applies expertise in multicultural psychology, the scientific study of cultural identities (e.g., age, sex, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, immigration status, etc.) and their impact on human and workplace behavior and functioning to drive organizational change.

Dr. Jacob provides customized DEIA presentations and workshops tailored to the unique needs of your team or organization and typically involve interactive presentations and facilitated conversations. At times, to serve certain training needs and audiences, Dr. Jacob partners with other psychologists and DEIA experts in delivering these workshops.

Multidisciplinary Workplace Wellness leverages the expertise of workplace wellness providers from diverse disciplines to offer customized, interactive workshops and presentations that provide your employees unique and actionable tools to improve and maintain their overall health and wellbeing: physically, mentally, and behaviorally.

For these workshops and presentations, Dr. Jacob partners with two of his esteemed colleagues, Ms. Kelly Whittlesey, an Occupational Therapist and Ergonomist, and Dr. Sami Peña, a Chiropractor with expertise in strength, conditioning, and physical rehabilitation.

Like Dr. Jacob, Ms. Whittlesey and Dr. Peña are experts in corporate healthcare and delivering practical, actionable insights and techniques to promote wellness at work. Additional information about Kelly and Dr. Sami’s professional background can be found on the “Team” page.